So that I have a clearer understanding of your customers and your business requirements, please complete this short questionnaire. Once I receive your answers, I will be in touch within 48 hours to arrange a call to discuss with you what kind of project you need. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



Business Overview

Tell me about you and your business

Q1. What does your business actually do?

Write a few sentences describing you, your business, the people you serve, and how long your business has been around.

Q2. What really excites you about your business?

Why do you do what you do? How is your business making the world a better place?

Business Goals

Tell me the main reasons you want a website

Q3. What’s the primary goal you want your website to accomplish?

What do you want most from your site e.g. more sales, new commissions, more bookings or members etc?

Q4. What’s the secondary goal you want your site to accomplish?

If your visitors aren’t ready to buy right now, what would you like your site to do instead e.g. increase brand awareness, encourage social media interactions, collect email addresses and build a mailing list etc?

Business Status

Tell me about your current situation

Q5. Do you have a website already?

What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it? Is it giving you the results you want? What would you like to see carry over to the new site?

Q6. What makes your company standout?

Is your product unique to you? Are you the cheapest at what you do? Do you offer amazing customer service?

Business Competitors

Tell me about your competitors

Q7. Who are your competitors?

What other companies do what you do? How do you differ from them?

Q8. What websites do you like and why?

Can you give examples of websites you particularly admire and why? Are there websites that are not related to your industry that you like?

Your Customers

Tell me about your customers

Q9. Who exactly are your customers and what problem are you solving for them?

If you could merge all your customers into a ‘super-customer’, what would she/he be like? The more we know about your customer, the more we can focus on their wants and needs.

Website features

Tell me about the features you would like

Q10. What features do you want your website to have?

Websites can do a variety of things so it's important to clarify what you want your site to do. Do you want a shopping cart? Social media links? Email collection? A blog? A contact form? Feel free to send examples.

Business Results

Tell me about the results you expect to see

Q11. How will you measure your results?

How will you determine if your new site is working? What does success look like to you? Is it the amount of new enquiries? Number of sales? Number of email signups? Social media interactions? The more you know what you want your site to achieve, the better it can focus on that goal.

Q12. Do you have a style guide or any existing branding icons?

Do you have old brochures, posters or logos that you want the new site to follow, or is this website a new start?

Q13. Do you already have a domain name for your new website?

Will you be wanting to use your existing domain name? If so, who currently hosts your domain name? If you will require a new one, have you thought about what you want your new domain name to be?

Going Live

Tell me when you want the project finished

Q14. Do you have a launch date in mind?

So, when do you want to get started? If you have a specific launch date, we can start there and work backwards.


Q15. What is your budget for this project?

Deciding on the investment you are wanting to make early on, can help focus the project on these main areas.

Your name, email address and answers are processed and send to me via email. Your information will not be shared or sold with any company. Your rights and full privacy policy are detailed here.

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