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Removing website stress once and for all

Taking care of and maintaining a healthy website is an essential part of any online business, and having spent many years looking after numerous websites and maintaining them, I understand how stressful this can be. My website Care Plans have been specifically created so that all you need to do is look after your business.

Websites are never finished. They need regular servicing to run efficiently, and regular content updates to help you advance and thrive. By using one of my website Care Plans you will have peace of mind that your website is secure, running smoothly and efficiently.

Colin isn’t just an order-taker. I found that his is more of a collaborative approach. Many questions were asked throughout the process to check I was happy with progress. I found the entire process clear and importantly, he hit the brief right on the nail first time and only needed tweaking, which he did quickly. 

Paul Tansley

Having a Website Care Plan means...

having time to concentrate on your business

software will always be up to date

security is constantly monitored

backups are made on a daily basis so that it can be restored

email support is always available

24/7 monitoring so that your site is always up and running

monthly report so you know how your website is doing

your stress levels are reduced

building a trusting relationship with someone who understands and cares for you and your business

Choose Your Website Care Plan

Pick the website Care Plan that suits your needs.
You can upgrade at any time

Essential Plan
For Website Essentials

49 per Month

  • Free hosting
  • 1 x Mailbox
  • Free Site Migration
  • * Emergency Backup Restoration
  • Core WordPress Updates
  • Monthly Theme Updates
  • Monthly Plugin Updates
  • Email Support

Advance Plan
To Advance your Website

99 per Month

  • Everything in Essential Plan
  • 3 x Mailbox
  • * Pre-live staging
  • Monthly Website Reports
  • On-Page SEO Software
  • Scan and Fix Broken Links
  • 48 Hour Response Time
  • Up to 1 Hours of Content Changes

Thrive Plan
To make your Website Thrive

199 per Month

  • Everything in Advance Plan
  • 5 x Mailbox
  • Weekly Theme Updates
  • Weekly Plugin Updates
  • 24 Hour Response Time
  • Up to 2 Hours of Content Changes
  • Bespoke Client Dashboard
  • Priority Support
  • Monthly Database Maintenance
  • Google Business Listing
  • Annual Website Review
  • SEO Rank Check & Analytics
  • Email Marketing Support
  • Monthly Speed Check

* Features only available with cptcreative hosting

Get in touch to arrange a Care Plan that is specific to your business' needs.
Your just one click away from freeing up your precious time.

Is a Care Plan right for you?

If your website is critical to your business, then yes!
Answer these questions to find out:

Would you know what to do if your website breaks?

Are you able to make sure your website is safe and secure?

Do you know how to perform your website’s software updates?

Do you dread updating your website in case you break it?

Do you waste time working out how your website works?

Would you rather just be looking after your business?

Would you like someone you can trust to take over and manage everything for you?

Do you ignore important updates because you just don’t have the time?

Is your website security is a concern?

Would your business till run okay without a working website?

If any of these questions sound familiar, you’ll make your life a lot easier if you partner with someone who can help and who you can trust. I understand how stressful this can be, so I would look after your site as if it were my own.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ask for updates to my website?

It’s simple, just email me at with what you’d like doing, and I’ll book the work in and let you know when it’s done. Or simply fill out my dedicated online client support form here.

Does the monthly support time roll over?

No. The support time in your Care Plan is set aside each month and is not rolled over. This is so that I can dedicate myself to each client at their allotted time.

What if I need more time each month?

That’s fine, just email me at and ask how many hours you would like. I will invoice you separately for each hour worked, priced at £60 an hour.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan ?

Yes, no problem. If you find that the Care Plan you are on is not suitable for your business, simply contact me at and I will adjust your plan and relevant invoices at the end of that calendar month.

What happens if my website goes down, is hacked, breaks, etc?

In the very unlikely event your website goes down and it’s hosted with me, I will implement the Emergency Backup Restoration feature and get your site up and running again in no time. 

If your website is not hosted with me, this falls outside of the Care Plan and I would need to liaise with your hosting company in order to help resolve the issue. This will be charged at £60 per hour. I do advise you to make sure that you have the proper security in place through your hosting company.

My website was not build by cpt creative, can I still be on a Care Plan?

You sure can! Although my plans are created for sites I build or re-design, I very much welcome clients who are looking for a long term relationship with a dedicated webmaster.

First I do an audit of your WordPress website to see if you would be suitable for one of my Care Plans. This WordPress website audit service would be charged at £150. Once the audit is complete I will suggest which Care Plan best suits you and your business and how you can proceed. Email me at to tell me more about your situation.

What is Pre-live Staging?

Pre-live staging comes with both Advance and Thrive Care Plans. It is a feature that duplicates your site and allows me to make any changes or test any software updates to make sure everything works, before making them live on your website. 

Do I have to host with you?

Not at all. If you are happy with your hosting company, I can still take care of your website, as long as it is a WordPress website. Although some features of the Care Plans are only available for clients that are hosted with me. These features are: Pre-live Staging & Emergency Backup Restoration.

What do you need in order to set up support on my site?

First of all your site needs to be a WordPress site and I would need access to your website’s admin section so that I can conduct a WordPress website audit. This WordPress website audit service would be charged at £150. Once the audit is complete we’ll discuss which Care Plan is best suited for your business. 

What kind of things will you do?

I will make regular software and plugin updates, to keep your website secure, as well as make small content and/or design changes that you have specifically asked for. I will also install and setup any new plugins you wish to have installed.

What things won't you do?

Major design changes or large web feature changes are not covered under the Care Plans. If you want large scale changes to your site, please contact me at and we can discuss your requirements. 

I’d like to talk more about your Care Plans, what do I do next?

Great! Contact me at and we’ll discuss your situation and see if we would be a good fit working together, how I can support you and which Care Plan best suits your business. 

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